Members Gallery

Gold Coast Woodturners Members Gallery are pages available to members to display their work.  The gallery pages are collections of work intended to inspire others and show the artistry and craftsmanship of the members.  Some pages from new members show how skills and design evolve.  

Gold Coast Woodturners Members Gallery Guide Lines

6/12/2005     We are attempting to start a gallery of members work.  Each member is encouraged to send photos and participate.  Pages can be the artistry of advanced members, or the progress of new turners.  Your choices of what to show will shape this gallery.

The top of the page will contain the members name and e-mail and/or phone contact information if desired.

If the member has a personal web site related to woodturning, a link to that site can be included at the top of the page.

The page can display from 1 to 10 images of wood turnings by the member.  Depending on the amount of server space used by the files, I hope this can be increased.

The photos will be displayed as images 350 pixels high.

Images should be sent as .JPG file with a resolution of about 1000X800 that will be sized.  Please try to keep file sizes under 300K bytes. 

Please do not embed your images into the text of the e-mail you send or if you do, also send the images as attachments.  Indicate what text goes with which picture.

Each photo should have a paragraph describing the photo.  Wood type, finish, along with any special techniques used should be included.

At the bottom of the page you may include a short personal biography.  This could include a photo of you and a few paragraphs about your woodturning.

Pictures can be updated at any time following the same guidelines.

These pages are for inspiration and for showing artistry and craftsmanship, prices should not be included.

If you need help with digital pictures of your work please let us know.

Gold Coast Woodturners reserves the right to decide what images are posted and remove any pages or pictures with out notice.

Submit images and text to David Kerzel.

Questions and suggestions should also be sent to David Kerzel.



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