Dick Sing Demonstration 

September 24,2005 Presented by the Palm Beach Country Woodturners

Dick presented a all day demonstration and 2 days of hands on work shops.

Dick is a leader in the field of making small items that can be sold.  He has several detailed books published on making various items he demonstrated.

Dick presented 4 projects during the afternoon demonstration.  The first item was a simple wooden egg.  The way to hold the egg and be able turn the two ends made the process very simple.


(sorry for the photo, but it was the best I had)


The second project was a Christmas ornament.  He shared he techniques for hollowing out the small orbs and fitting the ice sickles and top finials.  He also shared methods for making very small captive rings and the required tools that can be made at home..


The calculator project was really about turning a tapered part on the lathe.  It was also to show ways to do insert inlays and things.



This is one of the things that Dick has specialized in, miniature bird houses.  Like the other items this was focusing on fitting parts together  and making small parts.


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