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Ron Pursel


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Red Maple, Pierced

12 inches high


August 2009

13 X6, Mahogany

July 2007

12 X 8, African Mahogany

July 2007

12 X 7, Avocado



I took a woodworking class in college 45 years ago.  I turned my first bowl then and really enjoyed it.  After college my focus was on family and career and I didnít really have time to do much turning.  About 10 years ago, as I was facing retirement, I got access to an old lathe and started going to GCWT meetings.  I continue to enjoy turning and Iíve expanded my shop and my abilities over the years.

I enjoy all aspects of woodworking.  Turning is fun, but itís just one of the things I enjoy.  Embellishing my turnings with carving, coloring and burning gives me great pleasure.  I also enjoy making boxes (not turned), picture frames and furniture.  I made lots of the furniture for the chalet I own in Gatlinburg Tennessee.  Iím a member of the South Florida Woodworkers Guild in addition to GCWT.

Other hobbies I enjoy are gardening, playing the Dulcimer and Sultry (stringed musical instruments) and spending time with my 9.5 (one on the way) wonderful grandkids. 

My family moved to Florida from Ohio in 1954.  My wife Donna and I are full time  Florida residents.

 I was a teacher for 35 years.  I taught all aspects of ornamental horticulture.  Did my love of gardening lead me to specialize in that subject or did my years of teaching give me a greater appreciation of gardening?  Probably a little of both.

Iím lucky enough to have a sizeable piece of land and Iíve got a lot of turning wood stored at my place.  If you ever want some wood for turning, give me a call and Iíll set you up.





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