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10 inch diameter maple bowl with tooled leather inlay

July 2007

Large Norfolk island pine bowl lacquered
Norfolk island pine vase with Rit dye and lacquer finish
Large potocarpus bowl, turned and carved with lacquer finish
Rosewood buttress, turned and carved with lacquer finish
Punky rosewood hollow form with turquoise inlays and a lacquer finish
Camphor bowl with turquoise inlay and lacquer finish






Biography: Rick Pixley is a member of Gold Coast Woodturners and the AAW.  Rick has been turning for approx 4 years and serves as a club officer. mentor, and teaches at Woodcraft. In addition Rick has been active in the artistry of working in wood for 30 years. Rick's work is available by private showing or select shows. Contact him for further information.         6/12/2005



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