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Ed McDonnell

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Norfolk Island Pine. 14" diameter, 12" height. Hollowed with carved feet and rim. Finished with oil/resin.  My first attempt at a carved rim.


Norfolk Island Pine Platter - 16" diameter. 0.25" thickness. Three carved feet on the bottom. Finished with Boiled Linseed Oil and wipe-on poly. This is my first platter and I wasn't sure how thick to make it. This seems plenty strong, but it is only slightly translucent. I made another that was only 0.125" thick and very translucent, but it broke when I placed weight on it.


Royal Poincianna wood.  Tung Oil finish.  Turned, burned, colored, carved and pierced.  Whew!  Lotís of firsts for me here.  First time I used burning to embellish a turning.  First Celtic Knot pattern.  First time I used color to embellish a turning.  First time I pierced a turning. 




My first woodworking tool (not counting the hammer) was a scroll saw that I bought 15 years ago.  I added tools over the years and completed mostly craft type projects, with some utility and furniture projects thrown into the mix.

My wife, Dorothy, bought me a weekend turning class with Lee Sky as a birthday present in October 2005.  I had such a great time that I bought a lathe that weekend.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Wilma hit the following week and I didnít get a chance to turn until 3 months later.  At least I didnít have any trouble getting wood to turn at that time.

 I joined GCWT in 2006.  I donít really have a favorite type of turning.  Itís all still pretty new to me so I enjoy anything I do on the lathe.  I guess my favorite thing is trying something new.  I find time to turn at least a couple hours every day.  I very reluctantly take on non-turning related woodworking projects these days.  Over the years I accumulated a list of woodworking projects I had promised to make for Dorothy, none of which involved a lathe.  Iíve almost got the list completed.  Nothing new goes on the list these days, unless itís turned.

Other things I enjoy doing are scuba diving and photography (both above and under water).

Dorothy and I are full time residents of Florida.  My family moved to Florida when I was 7.  After college I left to purse a career in the oilfields of Texas, but the oil boom went bust in the mid 80ís.  I was approached by AT&T Bell Labs with a job offer and I spent the rest of my career in telecommunications.  I spent most of the 90s travelling the world expanding AT&Tís global network.  I retired in 1999 and we moved back to South Florida.

The GCWT has been a tremendous resource and inspiration for me.  The ability to see, touch and examine the works of art that are displayed in the instant gallery each month is priceless.  All the members have been extremely generous with their help and advice, whether in a club demo or in mentoring.  We are all incredibly lucky to be part of this great organization.





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