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Carl M. Schneider


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Box-elder hollow form is 12" diameter X 10" high

Dyed ambrosia maple hollow form is 5" diameter X 10" high


Maple burl square bowl is 10" X 4" X 4.5" deep
Mahogany Basket Weave Hollow Form 7" diameter X 5" high reproduction of one by J. Paul Fennell

Mahogany Vessel of Illusion 6" diameter X 8" high reproduction of one by Trent Bosch
Florida Mahogany Pierced Bowl 6" diameter X 4" high
Mulberry Hollow Form 7" diameter X 9" high

Brazilian Pepper Hollow Form 5" diameter X 10" high

Sea Grape Natural Edge Bowl is 6" diameter X 6.5" high
Tiger Maple Hollow Form 6.5" diameter X 5" high

Sabal Palm Hollow Form 9" diameter X 9" high

Grapefruit Hollow Vase with Texture 5" diameter x 10" high

Texas Ebony Natural Edge Bowl With Carved Foot 7" diameter x 9" high

Grapefruit Vase 5.5" diameter x 11" high 

Mahogany Carved Rim Bowl 6" diameter x 3.5" high


Biography: Carl Schneider, a retired electrical engineer, enjoys making objects from wood that please the eye and continue to challenge and improve his skills.  He became fascinated by woodturning in 1997 when he joined and eventually served on the boards of both the Gold Coast Woodturners and the Palm Beach County Woodturners.  He took classes with David Ellsworth, Alan Laser, Bin Pho, Mike Mahoney and workshops with Soren Berger, Mike Hasaluk, Richard Raffan, Jack Vesery, Stuart Batty and other noted turners.  He also gets satisfaction by sharing his knowledge and skills with others.   10/11/2005



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