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Bob Przybylski

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Walnut and Maple

11 inch diameter stacked ring bowl

Poly finish

August 2009

Howgcong Orchid

13 inch diameter fluted bowl

Poly finish

August 2009

Segmented bowl, Walnut with Zebra accents, 300 segments.

July 2007

Segmented bowl, Walnut with inlay strip, 160 segments.

July 2007



I got my first lathe 20 Ė 30 years ago.  It wasnít the best lathe but it did what I needed, which was primarily furniture legs and the occasional candle stick.  I first realized that there was more to turning than furniture legs when I attended the Miami Lakes Art Show and saw Jerry Remillardís booth.  I was blown away by the pieces he had created and displayed.  Especially the Norfolk Island Pine pieces.  They were so different from the typical dull northern woods.

 A couple years went by and about 4 years ago I bought a great new lathe and joined GCWT.  I enjoy all aspects of turning.  I think solid wood turning is more fun than segmented turning, but I seem to spend a lot more time on the segmented turning.

 Iíve done quite a bit of other woodworking over the years.  I even made most of the furniture in my house.  It seems I donít do much woodworking other than turning these days, but I still apply all the skills I learned over the years to create my finished turnings.

In addition to turning, I enjoy Choral singing.  My wife Charlene and I are full time Florida residents.  I moved to Florida from Milwaukee 10 years ago.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and I worked in the food business my whole career.  I started out working for Bordenís in Wisconsin.  I took a job with Farm Stores in Florida and I subsequently went to work for the Florida State Department of Agriculture until I retired.

I have 3 daughters (all living outside Florida) and 3 grandsons.  My grandsons are showing real promise as turners and they look forward to grandpaís turning challenges.  So far weíve made weedpots, candlesticks and most recently pens.

 I really love being a part of GCWT.  The variety of designs and great ideas presented are each meeting are a continual inspiration.





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